SSH_MSG_DISCONNECT: 2 Too many authentication failures


When using your transfer server or client GUI to connect to a remote server, you receive the following error message:

Failed to connect to remote_server_address: SSH_MSG_DISCONNECT: 2 Too many authentication failures for 
invalid user transfer_user from local_server_address

Below is a specific example of this error message, which appears in a pop up window:



This error appears when you make too many failed login attempts to a server. A failed login attempt could occur for a variety of reasons, but the most common reason is incorrect credentials.

Ensure you are providing the correct transfer username and password, which should also be properly configured on the server. Case matters--if the transfer user on the server is spelled in all lowercase (such as janedoe), you must configure your connection to this user in all lowercase (so Janedoe won’t work). Remember that a transfer user must also exist as an operating system user on the server machine.

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