Connect Server Error: No docroot has been configured for anonymous


When trying to access a Connect Server website, the following error message appears on the UI:

No docroot has been configured for anonymous. Please contact your system administrator to create a docroot and
ensure permissions are set correctly.



This error occurs when the Connect Server is hosted on a Windows system and authentication has not been properly configured on Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.



Authentication in IIS determines how users are verified on your site. Connect Server requires transfer users with a valid username and password to provide their credentials in order to access their docroot. On IIS, this is made possible with Basic Authentication which forces all visitors to log in before accessing the site.

This error is due to Anonymous Authentication being enabled, which allows any user to access your site without logging in. If enabled, Anonymous Authentication overrides Basic Authentication even if it is enabled as well.



The solution to this problem is to disable Anonymous Authentication and ensure Basic Authentication is enabled in IIS.


1. Go to Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

2. In the IIS section of the middle panel, double click the Authentication icon.

3. Right click the Anonymous Authentication item and select Disable.

4. If Basic Authentication is in the list, ensure it is Enabled. If it is not, right click it and select Enable. You are finished and the error message should now be resolved.

If Basic Authentication is not in the list, you have one more task to complete before resolving the issue. Basic Authentication is often not installed by default in IIS, in which case you will need to manually install it and then enable it.

See this Knowledge Base article which contains instructions for installing Basic Authentication on Windows 2012 server, Windows 8 and Windows 2008.

After you have installed Basic Authentication, enable it as above.

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