Transfer server GUI or client GUI will not launch and “windows sockets initialization failed” error


Your transfer server GUI or client GUI application does not launch and you are unable to start Aspera services.

When running netstat -nab in a command prompt to check the network connections, you see the following error:

windows sockets initialization failed

This indicates that something on your winsock/TCP stack got corrupted, which prevents Aspera servers and services from being able to start up.


  • Product: Enterprise Server, Connect Server, P2P, Aspera Client
  • Operating System: Windows


You will need to reset your winsock/TCP stack and reboot the server to resolve this issue.

Run the following commands, the first of which resets the winsock entries and the second which resets the TCP/IP stack:

C:\> netsh winsock reset catalog
C:\> netsh int ip reset reset.log hit


Reboot your server. You should now be able to launch your Aspera transfer server application and services.

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