Enabling Console-initiated transfers from a 3.6.0 node using SSH keys


A change introduced in Enterprise Server/Connect Server/P2P/Client 3.6.0 affected the ability of transfers to be made from Console if the initiating node used SSH key authentication.

Users would see the error SSH Authentication Failed when attempting a simple or smart transfer from an endpoint using SSH keys, and with a transfer user docroot set. The problem is due to the location of the SSH private key, which cannot be properly found on 3.6.0 transfer nodes.


This issue is fixed in the most recent builds of these products and are now available at the Aspera downloads site.

If you are not able to install the fixed version, you can also employ the workaround below to allow transfers from SSH key authenticated nodes initiated from Console to function as normal.



On the node with the SSH key endpoint, you will need to copy the transfer user's SSH private key to the user’s home directory. Do not simply move the key to this new location, as this could break other functionality that may depend on the key.

Copy the private key from the default .ssh directory to the user’s home directory, which is one directory above the .ssh directory:

# cp /home/user/.ssh/private_key /home/user/private_key

# copy C:\Users\user\.ssh\private_key C:\Users\user\private_key

# cp /Users/user/.ssh/private_key /Users/user/private_key
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