Faspex 3.9.3 patch for symlinking and direct upload to custom inbox feature


A patch is now available for Faspex 3.9.3 for Linux, which fixes the issue in which custom inbox and relay files were not being symlinked when enabled.

This patch also gives workgroups the ability to upload directly to a custom inbox, rather than having to go through the default inbox.


  • Product: Faspex 3.9.3 and higher + Enterprise Server/Connect Server or higher
  • Operating System: Linux


Download the patch file here.


Installation Instructions

1. Stop all Faspex services with the following command:

# asctl faspex:stop


2. Copy the patch zip file to the /tmp directory

3. Unzip the patch file with the following command:

# unzip faspex-3.9.3-custom_direct_and_symlink_patch.zip


4. Copy the patch files to the Faspex root directory (/opt/aspera/faspex) with the command below. Answer when asked if you want to overwrite the original files:

# cp -r faspex-3.9.3-custom_direct_and_symlink_patch/* /opt/aspera/faspex/


5. Start Faspex services:

# asctl faspex:start


File information

Files changed or added:

1. app/controllers/dropbox/deliveries_controller.rb
2. app/controllers/external/dropbox_submissions_controller.rb
3. app/controllers/workgroup_deliveries_controller.rb
4. app/models/delivery.rb
5. app/models/e_package.rb
6. app/models/e_session.rb
7. app/models/node.rb
8. app/models/recipient_delivery.rb
9. app/views/delivery/_content.xml.builder
10. app/views/workgroup/workgroups/_nodes.html.erb
11. lib/downloadable_actions.rb
12. lib/entitlement.rb
13. lib/multi_server/relay_dispatcher.rb
14. lib/multi_server/relay_receiver.rb
15. lib/packages/file_browsing.rb
16. lib/packages/package_methods.rb
17. lib/url_generation.rb
18. lib/url_regeneration/regenerator.rb
19. public/javascripts/workgroup/workgroups/nodes.js
20. public/stylesheets/faspex.css
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