Connect Plugin First Time Execution – Mac OSX




This article will address common issues that may come up when installing and using Connect on Mac OS X for the first time.


  • Product: Connect browser plugin
  • Version: Any
  • Operating System: Mac OS X


Installing for all users

By default the Connect installation applies only to the user who downloads and installs it. If you want to install Connect for all user accounts on your Mac, see this article.


Unblocking the plugin in the browser

After installing Connect, you may find that the plugin is blocked by your browser for security reasons.

In Chrome, click the puzzle icon with the red X on the address bar:


Choose to Always allow plug-ins on the server you're accessing:



In Firefox, click the building block icon to allow the execution of the Aspera plugin, then click on Allow and Remember:



In Safari, when first accessing a website that uses Connect, allow the execution of the plugin by clicking on Trust in the pop-up that appears:


If you did not click Trust or if the plugin is still blocked, you will need to unblock it from Safari's preferences. For details on how to do this, see the instructions of this article.


Downloading from a Connect server for the first time

The first time you attempt to download from a Connect server interface you must confirm and allow the server address:


Then you must re-enter the username and password (**case sensitive**) for the transfer user you logged in as:


After this your download will start.


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