How can Aspera Console be re-skinned?

by Arnd Kohrs

How can Aspera Console be re-skinned?


As of version Aspera Console 1.5, Aspera does not officially support re-skinning the Web GUI.
However, if customers require a re-skinned GUI for their project, possibly for re-branding purposes, they can customize graphics and style sheets to this end.


The following points to the files that can be modified to re-skin the GUI:

  • The main style sheet is/opt/aspera/console/public/stylesheets/console_yui.css
  • Image files are located in/opt/aspera/console/public/images/
  • The main navigation bar can be changed by replacing the imagenav_bg.gif
  • The logo background image and header color are set in theconsole_yui.css style sheet by modification of the .header class.
  • Replacing the single image button_bg.gif can change the blue gradient background of the buttons.
  • The table headers usedata_grid_header_bg.gif.
  • Header and other fonts can be inspected by the web designer and changed as desired, mostly withinconsole_yui.css.
  • For the page tabs - as seen in the Configuration section and elsewhere - the relevant images are tableft1.gif andtabright1.gif.

Important Node:

Since the re-skinning of the Console is not an officially supported procedure by Aspera as of the current version of Aspera Console, the user should perform all custom changes with great care in order to assure the proper functioning of Aspera Console. In the case of a minor or major software update, Aspera does not guarantee, that the modifications will still work as before. In particular it is necessary to backup all customizations prior to a software update and then reapply after the update. It is advisable to carefully document all modifications, so that these can be reapplied after an update.

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