How to configure a docroot with a remote shared folder (Windows)

by Arnd Kohrs


The Aspera transfer server should be used to read and write files on a remote CIFS (AKA SAMBA) file share. In general it is not possible to use pre-mounted file shares under drive letters as these are not accessible from the Aspera transfer process that is started when a user logs into the Aspera server. Alternatively using UNC notation for specifying remote file shares in the docroot configuration has limitations, if the user accounts that are used on the Aspera server and the file server are not part of a common Windows domain.

In this article we assume that the Aspera server runs on Windows and is not connected to a domain controller. Furthermore it is assumed that OpenSSH (default) is used for authentication.


Here are the steps for accessing the remote Windows file share via CIFS as a docroot of a user on an Aspera server:

  1. Create a new user account on the Aspera system with the same login and password as the login credentials for the remote file share.
  2. Assign a docroot to the new user in the Aspera Enterprise Server configuration GUI using the UNC path notation, i.e. \file-server-address\share . Note: It is not possible to use the drive letter.
  3. Now files can be transferred to the network file share by using as an end-point the newly created user credentials.


It is not necessary to run the Aspera Central as a different service user, as the access of the remote share will be run under the login of the newly created user.

There is an alternative more flexible approach for solving this problem by using an alternative SSH server product. Please ask Aspera Support for details, if the above solution does not work for you.

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