Setting up dependencies for services on Windows when Console and Enterprise Server are installed on the same machine


When Aspera Console is installed on the same computer as an Aspera transfer node (Point to Point, Enterprise Server or Connect Server) that will report to that Console it is important that the MySQL service be running before the Aspera Central service so the node will be able to report to the console database.

There are a number of services associated with a transfer server and Console. When both are installed on a single computer a specific order for the starting of these services is desired so the node can report to the Console database also installed on the machine.

On Windows this can be ensured by making the Aspera Central service depend on the MySQL Server (Aspera) service. This is good practice as generally speaking the Aspera Central service can start more quickly than MySQL so adding the dependency will cause Aspera Central to wait on the other process. This article will document the steps to set up the dependency on Windows.


  • Product: Console
  • Operating System: Windows



The Windows Service Control (SC) command can be used to create a dependency for one service on another service. The general syntax is:

sc [command] [service_name] depend="[service_name]"


In order to make Aspera Central depend on MySQL, you would use the following command:

sc config asperacentral depend= "MySQL Server (Aspera)"


Checking service properties

In order to check that the dependency was created, you can go to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Services. Locate Aspera Central from the list and right click it. Click the Dependencies tab and verify that MySQL is listed as a dependency.


You can likewise do the same for MySQL and check that Aspera Central is listed as a service that depends on it.

Now when the system is rebooted the Aspera Central service will wait for MySQL to start before starting. This means Console will be updated with information about any Aspera transfers.


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