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Aspera Faspex Server is a file exchange web application built upon Aspera Enterprise Server as a centralized transfer solution. In order to run, Aspera Faspex Server needs two license files: one license for the web application and one license for the Aspera Enterprise Server.

Since Faspex version 2.6 it is possible to run the Faspex web application on a separate server from the transfer server (Aspera Enterprise Server). All Faspex licensees are entitled to run a single separate transfer server.

Those who license Faspex for High Availability (HA) can run the Faspex web application with a "cluster" of transfer servers. For more information about this option please contact your sales account manager.


Where are licenses on a Faspex server?

The Faspex web application license (also called the "Faspex User" license) can be found in the following folder:

  • Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Aspera\Faspex\config
  • Linux: /opt/aspera/faspex/config

Note: The file must be readable by the user faspex. There must be only ONE license of any type in the folder.

The Aspera Enterprise Server license can be found at the following file:
  • Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Aspera\Enterprise Server\etc\aspera-license
  • Linux: /opt/aspera/etc/aspera-license 

Note: The license must be named aspera-license to be read by the application and must be world-readable.



How do I install a Faspex license?

For Faspex versions 3.0 and later, you install the license on the Faspex web interface. On your Faspex web page, click on the Server tab of the main navigation menu. On the Configuration tab, click License, and from here you will be able to upload your license or paste its contents to install it.

For Faspex versions prior to 3.0, you will have to place your license file into the folder listed in the previous section to install it.


What is the naming convention for licenses used with Faspex?

Faspex Application / User license for Faspex 1.x to Faspex 2.6.0

The Faspex application or user license file has one of the following file naming conventions:

  • aspera.faspex.users.ID.license
  • aspera.faspex.ID.license

where ID is the license id for this Faspex web application.

During an evaluation the license normally also includes eval in the name, for example: aspera.faspex.users.21609.eval.license

Faspex Application / User license for Faspex 2.6.5+ 

The license file provided has the following file naming convention:

  • Faspex-Users-ID.aspera-license

where ID is the license ID for this Faspex Web Application.

NOTE: After Faspex 2.6.5 the Faspex application license and the Faspex Enterprise Server license have the same extension. This means for Faspex versions prior to 3.0 both licenses must NOT be placed in the faspex/config folder. If this happens Faspex will *not* see a valid license and will not let users login.

For Aspera Enterprise Server

The license file has one of several different file naming conventions although all have the extension of .aspera-license. Which naming convention your Enterprise Server license has depends on when it was issued. The Enterprise Server license for Faspex will be one of the following: 
  • ID-EntSrv-Faspex-BANDWIDTH.aspera-license      (*this is the current naming convention)
  • ID-FaspexSrv-BANDWIDTH.aspera-license
  • ID-ConnectSrv-BANDWIDTH.aspera-license
  • ID-EntSrv-BANDWIDTH.aspera-license
where ID is the license ID and BANDWIDTH is the max allowed bandwidth in the Enterprise Server.

More information

License details can be retrieved with the following command line option:
ascp -DD -A
When seeking assistance from Aspera support with upgrading or replacing your Faspex license please provide the ID portion of the license with your request.
For information about how to update your Faspex Enterprise Server or Faspex Web Application to use a new license see one of the following articles:


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