Aspera Servers, Active Directory and CIFS folders


Your Aspera servers and your Shared storage are all part of an Active Directory Domain and you want to enable your AD users to use Aspera to access files on a CIFS Share.Active_Directory_Domain_Shares.png


  1. Make sure your Aspera Enterprise Server and Storage systems are both on the same domain.
  2. Log into your Aspera server as a domain admin and install the Aspera Server package. When configuring the services, select a domain account to run your services.
  3. Open up your Enterprise Server Configuration GUI, and add a new Domain account. Provide both the username and the domain when configuring the account.add domain user.PNG
  4. Configure the account with a UNC path for the document root:UNC_document_root.PNG
  5. Create a CIFS share on your Storage system, and share it such that the user has permissions to write to the share.
  6. Using your Aspera Client, create a connection to the Aspera Server, specifying the IP address (or hostname) as well as account, using DOMAIN format such as KING\king3 shown in the image below:

  7. You can also use the command line client to send files to the server.  For example:
    ascp bigfile.jpg --mode=send --user="KING\king3" --host= \\\projects\


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