Updating a Faspex User License

You can update your Faspex user license at any time on the Faspex web interface using the following instructions. A license is required to configure users and to send and receive packages, so it is important your license is valid and up to date.

1. First, go to your Faspex URL at http://your.host.com/aspera/faspex and sign in with an administrator account.

2. Click on the Server tab on the main navigation menu, then on the Configuration tab. Select License on the left-hand menu.

3. Here you will see the status of your license. If your license is valid, you will see the decoded license and the status message License is valid. If there is a problem with your license, such as if it is out of date, you will see an error like the following:


In order to update your license, you can browse for your license file which you may have received in an authorization email from Aspera. Alternatively, you can paste the contents of the license as below:


4. Click Update and validate license. You will see an Updated license message and the License is valid status if your update was successful.


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