Mapping users in Faspex from Active Directory for Outlook Plugin


Admins deploying the Outlook plugin will typically deploy with an Active Directory as the Directory Service that Faspex uses for accounts.

The default attribute that Faspex will use for account names is the sAMAccountname attribute for the user object. In most cases, this is the most user friendly option (e.g. john). However, this default causes the Outlook/Faspex integration to not work as expected. Part of the issue is that Faspex does not force a single username to email relationship. It is possible to have the same email associated to multiple accounts, although this is rarely done.

Since the Outlook plugin uses email addresses as a primary identifier, the way to make this work is to make the actual account name an email address. So, instead of user john with an email of, the idea is to create a user with an email of

In order for the Active Directory import to use an email, the directory service import needs to use a different attribute. This is controlled in the faspex.yml file.


  • Product: Faspex
  • Operating System: Linux, Windows


1. Back up the faspex.yml file:

copy "C:\Program Files (x86)\Aspera\Faspex\config\faspex.yml" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Aspera\Faspex\config\faspex.yml.bak"

cp /opt/aspera/faspex/config/faspex.yml /opt/aspera/faspex/config/faspex.yml.bak

2. Open faspex.yml in a text editor. Within the production section, add the following line:

DsUsernameAttribute: mail

3.  Save the file and restart Faspex.

You can restart Faspex with the following command:

asctl faspex:restart


4. The accounts will now be imported with emails rather than more common usernames.

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