Console empty sessions handling (notifications and logging for a 0 (zero) byte transfer sessions in Console)


If a transfer succeeds but no data is actually transferred, a 0 byte transfer has occurred. There are a few situations in which this happens:

  • The transferred file already exists on the destination
  • A hot folder or scheduled transfer runs but doesn't transfer anything
  • 0 byte files exist at the source

These types of transfers will cause notifications of a successful transfer to be sent via email (if configured) and logged in Console on the Activity page. By changing some configurations both the logging and notifications can be disabled for 0 byte transfers on either a system default level, or per individual node. This works by having 0 byte transfers automatically removed from the database logs after they have been entered there.


System Default (Console 2.0 and later)

To remove the 0 byte file transfers from logging and to disable notifications for them on a system default level, you must change the Empty sessions setting. To locate this setting, select the Configuration tab, then select Defaults. At the bottom of the Defaults page is the Empty sessions section.

The first option, Leave in database, will treat the 0 byte sessions as a normal transfer session and so will continue to log them and send notifications for them.

The second option, Delete if hot folder, will remove the 0 byte session if it's from a hot folder.

The third, Delete all, removes all of the 0 byte sessions. 


Per Node (any Console)

To remove the 0 byte file transfers for a particular node, find the node from the list on the Nodes tab and select edit. Go to the Configuration tab and expand the Database section.

Change the setting for Ignore Empty Files to true, which will block the logging of 0 byte files. Also, change the setting for Ignore No-Transfer Files to true, which will block the logging of files that already exist at the destination.


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