Skinning Shares

To change the "look and feel" of the web interface of Shares (versions 1.5 to 1.9), you will have to modify its CSS file. The CSS file controls stylistic properties such as link colors, fonts, the header background and more on the web interface.

The CSS file is named “application-” followed by a long string, such as the following:


The file can be found in the following locations:

  • Windows: C:\Shares\www\public\assets\
  • Linux: /opt/aspera/shares/u/shares/public/assets/

Create a backup of the CSS file so that you can restore the original should anything go wrong.

  • On Windows, right click on the file and Copy it, then paste it into the same folder or a folder of your choice.
  • On Linux you can use cp to make a copy and rename it, either in the same folder or a folder of your choice:
cp application-9db8de817591a63310d0aac878cf2c30.css shares.backup.css

Finally, make your changes to the CSS file. To apply the changes made on the file, you need to gz the file and overwrite the existing .css.gz file.

  • On Windows, you will need to download a file archiving program like 7zip (, which allows you to archive the file in gz format.
  • On Linux, you can use gzip or tar on the CSS file:
gzip -c .\application-9db8de817591a63310d0aac878cf2c30.css > .\application-9db8de817591a63310d0aac878cf2c30.css.gz
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