How to Enable Non-English Language Support in the Aspera GUI


The release 3.3.x of the Aspera GUI now has support for the following languages: Chinese, Japanese, Korean and French.

This article shows you how to configure your Aspera GUI for one of these languages.


1. Open the following text file:  

  • Windows: C:\Program Files(x86)\Aspera\product_name\bin\asperascp.prop
  • Linux: /opt/aspera/bin/
  • Mac: /Applications/Aspera

2. Modify the text file

The language properties correspond to the following:

  • Chinese: zh
  • Japanese: ja
  • Korean: ko
  • French: fr

On Windows

Remove the # symbol from the beginning of the line of your language of choice.  

The example below configures for Japanese, so the # is removed from the front of the following line:



On Linux

Look for the following line:

PROPS="-Xmx512m -splash:$SPLASH -Djna.library.path=../lib$TMP_DIR"

Replace it with the line below, which defines the language property (again, in this example the language is set to Japanese, ja):

PROPS="-Xmx512m -splash:$SPLASH -Djna.library.path=../lib$TMP_DIR -Duser.language=ja"

On Mac

Look for the line with <key>Properties</key>. Within the <dict> section underneath it, add the language property configuration so it looks like the following:


3. Restart the Aspera GUI, and you should see the following (again, in this example with Japanese).    



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