How to handle file names containing backslash or newline in async


Aspera transfer and sync subsystems do not allow file names containing backslash and newlines. These characters are legal on numerous OS and file systems, but they cause problems, such as:

(a) Confusion and problems when transferring to another OS (in particular Windows which doesn't support these characters on its native file systems)

(b) Malicious attacks on simple post-processing or other automation scripts

 When users encounter file names containing backslashes or newlines, it is usually because an application created them by mistake.


Ensure you are not attempting to sync any files with backslashes or newlines in their names.

You can exclude such files in your async command by defining an exclude pattern. To exclude file names containing backslash characters, use the following exclude filters in your async command:

--exclude '*\\*'  --exclude '*\\*/**'








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