How to install Connect plug-in for all users in linux

In order to perform a system-wide installation on linux

You need to have done at least one installation for one user on this linux server.

When you have downloaded and installed the plug-in as described in the documentation , you have created a directory $HOME/.aspera for this user with the application and settings.

To install non interactively this on your existing user profiles you will have to follow these steps:

  1. Copy the  original directory to the targeted user's environment : cp -rp ~olduser/.aspera ~newuser/
  2. Add the plug-in for mozilla : mkdir -p ~newuser/.mozilla/plugins && cp ~newuser/.aspera/connect/lib/ ~newuser/.mozilla/plugins
  3. Edit the path configuration file   echo ~newuser/.aspera/connect/bin>~newuser/.aspera/connect/etc/asperaconnect.path && chown newuser ~newuser/.aspera/connect/etc/asperaconnect.path
  4. Change the ownership of the directory and its contends : chown -R newuser  ~newuser/.aspera &&chown -R newuser ~newuser/.mozilla
  5. For future user's creation copy the .aspera and ..mozilla directories  into /etc/skel and change the following command : echo "~/.aspera/connect/bin">/etc/skel/.aspera/connect/etc/asperaconnect





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