Console: Sharing Smart Transfers that use domain names


In the default Console configuration, while it is possible to create Smart Transfers that use a domain name to identify a source or destination, it is not possible to share them. The following describes how to set up a shared Smart Transfer that uses a domain name.

We will describe the scenario where an admin user sets up the Smart Transfer, and shares it to non-admin users.

The sequence is:

  1. Configure Console to permit sharing of Smart Transfers
  2. Create a Smart Transfer
  3. Share the resulting Smart Transfer
  4. As appropriate, grant non-admin users the ability start the shared Smart Transfer

Configure Console 

  1. Login as admin
  2. click the "Configure" tab
  3. Click the checkbox labelled "Smart Transfer Sharing -- Allow users to share Smart Transfers that contain login credentials they keyed in themselves"

Create a Smart Transfer 

  1. Remain logged in as admin. Click the "Transfer" tab, then the "New Smart Transfer" button
  2. Give the transfer a name, e.g. "test transfer".
  3. DO NOT CLICK "Share this smart transfer" YET. We will do that later.
  4. From the "Connect" drop-down menu in the "Source" box, choose a defined endpoint or "Any" as appropriate based on group test1's transfer path. If "any" is chosen, fill in the resulting address field with the source machine's hostname. 
  5. Specify a source path.
  6. Make adjustments to other Aspera parameters as necessary
  7. Repeat steps 3-5 for the destination. 
  8. Click "Save"

This sequence has created a "personal login" for the admin user, defined with hostnames instead of IP addresses. You can verify this by clicking the drop-down menu in the upper right marked "bob", and choosing "Preferences", then the tab "Saved Endpoints". You will see the new endpoint listed, annotated with "(personal login)". 

Share the Smart Transfer 

Now that the personal login has been created, we may share the new Smart Transfer:

  1. Click "Transfer" tab, and edit the new "test transfer"
  2. Click the checkbox "Share this smart transfer"

Grant non-admin users the ability to start the shared Smart Transfer 

We'll assume there is an existing non-admin user account called "bob". 

  1. Login as admin.
  2. Create a group, e.g. "test1". Add "bob" to the list of members. While on that same page, proceed to...
  3. Create a transfer path by clicking "add transfer path" in the upper right corner. In the drop-down menus "Endpoint 1" and "Endpoint 2", you will see endpoints for each node (meaning any transfer on that node), endpoints created by admin, and the option "Any". 
  4. For sharing, what the group needs is a transfer path with one side being the managed node named in the smart transfer, and the other being 'Any' (the 'any' will match the personal login defined above).
  5. Click the box "Start smart transfer". Without this permission, Bob will be unable to use the Smart Transfer. Note, however, that Bob may already have this permission if granted by another transfer path.

End of procedure.


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