Connect Browser Plugin: Won’t install on Windows


Generally, installation of the Connect Browser Plugin in Windows happens without error.  However, sometimes this can fail if domain or system policies do not allow users to install software, plug-ins, or add-ons.  Examples of indications of these issues are as follows:

  • In Firefox or Chrome, you get an error stating something similar to "The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation"
  • In Internet Explorer, you get a blank error message in the installation dialog box like this:



Next Steps

If you get errors similar to the above when doing an in-browser installation, go to, select the latest version of the browser plugin for your Operating System, download that installer, and run it manually.


If there are policies set to not allow these installs for users, you may get a dialog box similar to this:




In this case, you could try running the installer as an administrator from the command prompt for all users of that system, using the following command:

msiexec /i <file> ALLUSERS=2 MSIINSTALLPERUSER="" /qn /l*v install.log


When entering the command, substitute the name of the file for "<file>" .  For example:

msiexec /i C:\TEMP\AsperaConnectML- ALLUSERS=2 MSIINSTALLPERUSER="" /qn /l*v install.log


This command will create a file called "install.log" in your current directory. If the installation does not complete correctly, this log file may give useful information as to why. Either browse it for error messages, or provide the file to your administrator or technical support.

Note that you may still not be able to install the plugin. Your organization might not allow you to run the installer as an administrator, and in this case you might check with your IT department. Aspera would be happy to try and help via a web meeting.


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