How to upgrade to Connect 3.6


The latest version of Connect includes a native PPAPI plugin which works in Chrome which has disabled the NPAPI plugin interface. 

Once you have version 3.6+ installed, Connect will function properly on Chrome for all servers that have been upgraded for Connect 3.6. For more information on server requirements for Connect 3.6, see this article: Using Aspera Connect after the Google Chrome 45 release.

If your server supports 3.6, you can download Connect 3.6 at its web interface. You can also download Connect 3.6 at Aspera's demo server site, using the username asperaweb and the password demoaspera.

Use the following instructions to upgrade to Connect 3.6 from Aspera's demo site, or from a server site of your choice.


Initially, the application will attempt to launch Connect 3.6 when you navigate to the web interface:

The server will detect that you have a prior version of Connect, or that Connect is not installed at all, and you will see a message that Connect was unable to launch. Next to this you will see a button prompting you to Download the Latest Version:


Click the download button to begin. Once the download is complete, launch the installer file.

Depending on your system and browser, you may be asked to close your browser during the install process. Some browsers do not require this and will only need a refresh of the page once the installation is complete.
Follow the installer instructions to finish the upgrade. If you had to close your browser prior to installing, you may reopen it and navigate back to the server web interface. If your browser is still open, you can simply refresh the page.

A message will appear briefly with a confirmation that Connect is running. You have now successfully upgraded to Connect version 3.6 and may continue using your Aspera server application as usual.


Note that you can upgrade to Connect 3.6 using any browser and it will be installed on all browsers you use on that computer.

Video demonstrations

Below are some links to videos of the installation of Aspera Connect 3.6 on different browsers and systems:




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