How to patch Faspex 3.9.1 for Connect 3.6

NOTE: Faspex 3.9.2+ does not require a patch to support Connect 3.6 on Chrome browsers. We strongly recommend you to upgrade rather than applying this patch. The following only applies to Faspex 3.9.1 on Windows.


The Aspera Connect client version 3.6 includes a new native Chrome plug-in built using Chrome’s PPAPI (“pepper”) APIs, which brings several advantages. 

  • First, Connect 3.6 no longer relies on the NPAPI and thus works with the default configuration of Chrome. As of the release of Chrome version 45, Chrome  has removed support for NPAPI entirely.
  • Second, Connect 3.6 includes all of the components necessary to continue work with all major browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux (Firefox, IE, Safari, as well as Chrome) and will continue to work with all 3rd party applications that are using the asperaweb-2.js Javascript API.

In order for your users to take advantage of Connect 3.6 for Chrome browsers with NPAPI disabled, Aspera is making available a patch for Aspera Faspex 3.9.1. Once you apply this patch your users will be able to use Faspex on Chrome browsers with NPAPI disabled. If you choose to not apply this patch your users will still be able to use Faspex with all supported browsers including Chrome, but NPAPI will need to be manually enabled in Chrome.

The patch may be downloaded at the following:

If you encounter any problems with applying the patch or would like assistance, please contact technical support.


  • Product: Faspex
  • Version: 3.9.1
  • Operating System: Windows


Patch files

The patch consists of new versions of 15 files, which will replace the existing files in your system, and the addition of 2 new files. The existing files are located in the Faspex install directory, which is typically found in the following default directory:

  • Windows 32bit: C:\Program Files\Aspera\Faspex\
  • Windows 64bit:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Aspera\Faspex\

The files are located at the following paths, within your system’s Faspex install directory:




1. From the Faspex installation directory, run the following command to stop Faspex:

asctl faspex:stop


2. Unzip the package of patch files into a temporary directory.

3. Back up the existing versions of the above 15 files.

You can do this via the command line by making a copy of each old file and renaming it. For example, you might do the following:

copy ..\application_helper.rb ..\application_helper.rb

Note: You will need to do this from the directory with the file or using the full path to the file in the above commands.

4. Move the new patched files from the temporary directory into their proper locations.

Start by doing the following:

  • Replace ..\public\javascripts\delivery\utils.js with the patched delivery_utils.js. Rename it utils.js. You could do something like the following:
copy ..\temporary_directory\delivery_utils.js ..\public\javascripts\delivery\utils.js
  • Replace ..\public\javascripts\utils.js with the patched javascript_utils.js. Rename it utils.js.
  • Copy the following two new patched files to the \db\migrate folder within your Faspex install directory:
    • 20150501003143_remove_connect_options_from_c_configurations.rb
    • 20150501192400_update_default_min_connect_version_to360.rb
  • Delete the file \public\javascripts\admin\settings\transfer_options.js

Finally, move the remaining 11 patched files from the temporary directory to their proper locations, replacing the existing files.

5. Grant the same file privileges and permissions the old file had to the new patch file, if they do not already have them.

You can consult the permissions of your backed up files, and then change the permissions of the new files accordingly.

6. Restart Faspex services. From the Faspex install directory run the following commands in the given sequence, to make database changes and to restart Faspex, respectively:

asctl faspex:rake db:migrate
asctl faspex:restart


7. The patch installation is complete. Faspex is now equipped to interface correctly with Chrome users on Connect 3.6, as well as to offer upgrades to Connect 3.6 to users with a prior version.

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