How to install Connect 3.6 for network users on Mac


The latest version of Connect includes a native PPAPI plugin for Google Chrome which works in Chrome browsers that disable the NPAPI plugin interface.

Once you have version 3.6 installed, Connect will function properly on Chrome for all servers that have been patched for Connect 3.6. For servers that have not been patched, Connect 3.6 will still work as usual. Therefore, it is recommended to upgrade to Connect 3.6 regardless as it will not cause any problems with unpatched servers, but it will solve the Chrome issue once the server been patched.

The usual installation of Connect 3.6 installs Connect only for a user on a particular system who completes the installation. If you would like to install Connect 3.6 for a network user, use the installation package at the following link:

Follow the instructions below to complete the installation.


Log in to the network user you would like to install Connect 3.6 for. Download the installer package and launch it to bring up the installation wizard. Continue through the installation instructions. You may be asked to close your browser during this time.



Once the installation has finished, you will you will see a message stating that the installation was successful. You may exit the wizard and now use Connect as normal.


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