Upgrading Connect Server for Connect 3.6


The Aspera Connect client version 3.6 includes a new native Chrome plug-in built using Chrome’s PPAPI (“pepper”) APIs, which brings several advantages:

  • First, Connect 3.6 no longer relies on the NPAPI and thus works with the default configuration of Chrome. As of the release of Chrome 45, Chrome has removed support for NPAPI entirely.
  • Second, Connect 3.6 includes all of the components necessary to continue work with all major browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux (Firefox, IE, Safari, as well as Chrome) and will continue to work with all 3rd party applications that are using the asperaweb-2.js Javascript API.

In order for your users to take advantage of Connect 3.6 for Chrome browsers, you will need to upgrade to Connect server version 3.5.5 or greater.


  • Product: Connect Server
  • Version: Upgrade to 3.5.5 or greater
  • Operating System: Linux, Mac, Windows



1. Back up Connect server files. For the specific locations of the files on your system, see the Connect Server documentation.

2. Download the latest Connect Server installer from the Aspera download site.

3. Install Connect Server as normal, as described in the documentation.

Your Connect Server upgrade is complete, and it now supports Connect 3.6 on Chrome browsers without NPAPI.

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