ascp patch for ES 3.5.5

3.5.5 Aspera Enterprise Server Patch
Release Date: 6/23/2015


This patch fixes a bug in both ascp persistent sessions and async transfers that use tokens. It is also required for Enterprise Server to work with Aspera Drive clients using the sync feature.

Installation Instructions

1. Unzip this package ( into a temporary directory.

2. Back up the existing ascp file located in the product's bin directory:

  • For Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Aspera\Enterprise Server\bin\ascp.exe to ascp.bak
  • For Mac: /Library/Aspera/bin/ascp to ascp.bak
  • For Linux: /opt/aspera/bin/ascp to ascp.bak

 3. Copy ascp from the temporary directory into the product's bin directory:

  • For Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Aspera\Enterprise Server\bin
  • For Mac: /Library/Aspera/bin
  • For Linux: /opt/aspera/bin

4. Give the new ascp file the same permissions and security privileges as the original file.

Download Information

Download link:

File Information

Files included in this patch:

  • windows-32-msvc2012/ascp.exe
  • mac-intel-10.9/ascp
  • linux-32/ascp
  • linux-64/ascp

MD5 Values:

eec61f0fea78714e312a6ea60b55a136 windows-32-msvc2012/ascp.exe
577f88d43da94a0b8f689ff08be61e7f mac-intel-10.9/ascp
22a2fc5a4b0308229e0742908f1ff57b linux-32/ascp
c8fde97985b2ca7de169693a093f9cd5 linux-64/ascp


© Copyright Aspera Inc., an IBM Company 2012, 2015

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