How to set up a system user for Apache authentication on Connect Server


Connect Server comes bundled with the option for a web UI that users can upload and download files from. If you opt to use the web UI, you will need to configure Apache authentication for each transfer user who will be logging on to make transfers.


In order to authorize users with Apache to access your Connect Server UI, you need to run the htpasswd command to store the username and password for the authentication in a file.

On the very first run of the htpasswd command you will need to include the -c option to create the file for credential storage since it doesn't yet exist. Replace transfer_user with the transfer user who will be logging into the web UI :

htpasswd -c /opt/aspera/etc/webpasswd transfer_user

After the first run, use htpasswd without the -c option, as in the following:

htpasswd /opt/aspera/etc/webpasswd transfer_user
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