How to a configure a hot folder to send and receive content from Aspera Shares


Hot folders are a feature of transfer servers on Windows systems that enable automatic transfer of content added to the hot folder.

Hot folders are configured to transfer to a particular remote transfer server and user. You can also configure your hot folder to transfer to or from a user’s particular share on Shares.


  • Product: Enterprise Server, Connect Server, P2P, Aspera Client
  • Product version: 3.5 and above
  • Operating System: Windows



Configure API Login on Shares

To transfer hot folder content to or from a share that a Shares user has access to, the Shares user must have API Login permissions enabled. To enable this, log on to the Shares UI as an administrator and follow the steps below.

1. Click the Admin link in the top right corner. Under Accounts, click Users.

2. Find the user you wish to transfer hot folder content with and click Edit.

3. Go to the Security tab. If not selected already, select API Login, then Update Permissions.

Configure the hot folder to Shares

1. Create a new connection to your Shares server. Click the Connections button in the GUI application for your transfer server or client and then click the plus button.

2. For the Host field, enter the hostname or IP address of your Shares server preceded by https.

For example, if your Shares web UI is located at, you would enter the following:


For the User and Password, enter the credentials for your Shares user (who must have API Login enabled). Click OK.

Now when you use this Shares server connection in the GUI, you will be able to browse the shares your user has access to as folders.


3. You can now configure your hot folders as normal.

If you would like to set a hot folder on your local system to transfer new content to a share, right click your desired folder in the local folder listing and select New > Hot Folder. In the Destination drop-down, ensure your Shares server is selected. From here you can browse for the share you would like hot folder content to transfer to.

Conversely, if you would like to set a hot folder on your Shares system to transfer new content to your local system, double click on the Shares connection in your connections list. Browse to your desired share and then right click anywhere in the file listing box and select New > Hot Folder. In the Source drop-down, ensure your Shares server is selected, and that your chosen share is specified in the Browse text box. Select your desired destination for hot folder content on your local system.

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