How to install an SSL certificate chain for Faspex, Console or Orchestrator


Certificate Authorities (CAs) frequently provide multiple SSL certificates for your server, where one is the signed certificate for your server, and one or more of the others are intermediate certificates that establish the authenticity of the signatures of each preceding certificate.

The intermediate certificates are collectively referred to as a certificate chain, and are ordered by increasing order of trust. Certificate chains can be easily installed in your Apache-based Aspera products, namely, Faspex, Console and Orchestrator.


  • Product: Faspex, Console or Orchestrator
  • Operating System: Linux, Windows



1. Ensure the server certificate file, server key file and the certificate chain file are located on your system.

In some cases, the server certificate file and the certificate chain file may be one and the same. In this instance, the file should contain certificates in the following order:

Server certificate
intermediate certificate
intermediate certificate

[root certificate]


The root certificate may or may not be present and is not required.

2. Run the asctl command to install your certificates.

Use the command below, replacing each of the specified files with the paths to your own files. If your server certificate file and certificate chain file are the same, use the same path for each parameter:

asctl apache:install_ssl_cert server_cert_file key_file cert_chain_file


This command will back up your old SSL certificates, copy and rename the new certificate and key files to the appropriate directory, change the certificate files’ permissions, modify http-ssl.conf and restart Apache.

3. Your certificate and certificate chain have now been installed. Test that they are working properly by visiting your Faspex or Console website.

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