Faspex: Configuring account expiration based on inactivity


When user accounts are created on Faspex, the accounts by default never expire and remain on the system despite user inactivity.

Current versions of Faspex (3.9+) support both the automatic deactivation and deletion of Faspex accounts based on their inactivity, but you must set these options. You can also configure specific user accounts to expire on a particular date.


The options for automatic deactivation and deletion can be found when logging in to Faspex as a Faspex administrator. While on the Configuration tab of the Server page, click on Security on the left hand menu:


Here you can “lock” users out of their accounts (effectively deactivating the account), as well as remove user accounts permanently after your desired period of inactivity. Select the check box for either or both of the features and type in the period of inactivity.

Note that you can allow deactivated users to reactivate themselves through a reset of their password by selecting the option on this same page. Otherwise you will have to manually reactivate the user account.


To configure a specific user account to expire by a certain date, click on the Accounts tab on the main navigation bar and click on the user’s login name. Select the Account expires option and choose your desired expiration date.


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