How to add a "change user" button to Connect Server webpage to allow log out


Many users would like the ability to "log out" of the Connect Server Web page. While there isn't a specific "log out" option, it is possible to add a  "change user" button to the web page in the upper right hand corner. This will allow the user to log out and login as a new user. To enable this feature a single setting must be enabled in the aspera.conf file on the server. To do this, in your aspera.conf file under the <WEB> section, you can add the attribute

EnableUserSwitching = "yes"

The <WEB> element may not be present in the aspera.conf if the server has all default settings. You can simply add section as follows:

    EnableUserSwitching = "yes"

You should add this at the top of the file following the tag below:

<CONF version="2">

You can see instructions on this and other WEB options in the Aspera Connect Server Guide in the Configuring Your Web UI Settings section.

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