Manual Steps for Aspera On Demand License Entitlement


Aspera On Demand products are made available through a license entitlement. This method replaces the normal licenses used in on-premise installations, and makes use of a Customer Name and Entitlement ID that is registered on the instance of the AMI that is run. The following procedure is used to enter the entitlement information.

For steps on how to entitle your Aspera On Demand product using its web interface, see this Knowledge Base article.


  • Aspera Provided Customer Name
  • Aspera Provided Entitlement ID


  1. Log into the EC2 instance as the ec2-user (see article)
  2. Elevate to the root user
    $ sudo su -
  3. Run the ALEE (Aspera License Entitlement Engine) commands to register the information. In example below, customer_ID is your Customer ID and d18bb7ba-7fac-409d-9200-e2cbaf246d5c is the Entitlement ID
    # /opt/aspera/bin/alee-admin register customer_ID d18bb7ba-7fac-409d-9200-e2cbaf246d5c
  4. Validate with ascp
    # ascp -A
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