How to install SSL Certificates on Aspera Console On Demand


This article is for customers who have their purcashed SSL certification for Aspera Console On Demand and would like to know how to install the certifcates.



1) Connect to your Aspera Console On Demand from a Terminal/Command Prompt via SSH as root

# ssh -i [customer's perm] -p 33001 ec2-user@[ec2 host IP]
# sudo su -

   If you are not sure how to login to your Aspera Server, please see this article.


2) Change the current working directory to the configuration directory where the certification files are located and create a backup of the original certification keys:

[root@console]# cd /opt/aspera/shares/conf

[root@console]# mv cert.pem

[root@console]# mv cert.key


3) Move your acquired SSL cert files to /opt/aspera/shares/conf and rename the certification file to cert.pem the and key file to cert.key

[root@console]# mv /opt/aspera/shares/conf/cert.pem

[root@console]# mv cert-key.key /opt/aspera/shares/conf/cert.key


4) Restart the web server nginx:

[root@console]# /etc/init.d/aspera_shares_nginx restart


5) Verify your newly installed certificate by visiting your Aspera Console On Demand web page using HTTPS(e.g., A green, blue, or other colored lock or icon will appear here. Selecting this icon will give you the verification information and, if the certification applied successfully, will state "Identification Verified," perhaps using slightly different wording, depending on your current browser.

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