How to Upgrade Shares to v. on Your AMI Host


This article is for customers who have Aspera On Demand running Shares v1.0.2 and would like to upgrade to Shares v1.0.3.


Upgrade Procedure

(1) Connect to your AMI host from a Terminal/Command Prompt via SSH as root


# ssh -i [customer's pem] -p 33001 [ec2-user]@[ec2 host IP]
# sudo su -

NOTE: make sure the permission of the local pem key is set to 400.  If you have questions about how to connect to your server, please see this article.


(2) Download the Shares v1.0.3 installer package from our website

Use your customer login to download the package.  If you don't know your customer login and password, please contact Aspera Support at to obtain your login credentials.

# wget --user=your-login  --password=your-password


(3) Back up your purchased SSL certificate files (if applicable)

If you have your own purchased SSL certificate, please  back up the files by running the following commands.

# cp /opt/aspera/shares/conf/cert.key /backup/cert.key
# cp /opt/aspera/shares/conf/cert.pem /backup/cert.pem


(4) Upgrade Shares v1.0.3

  I. Run the following commands to stop Shares services:

# service aspera_shares_nginx stop
# service aspera_shares_delayed_job stop  


II. To add the directory /opt/aspera/shares/bin to your $PATH environment variable

# export PATH=/opt/aspera/shares/bin:$PATH 

III.  Define your Rails environment as "productions."

# export RAILS_ENV=production 


IV. Create a backup directory.

# mkdir /tmp/aspera-shares-backup


V. Back up Shares

# cd /opt/aspera/shares/www/
# bundle exec rake backup DIR=/tmp/aspera-shares-backup

This will create a date-stamped file under your Shares backup directory. For example:   /tmp/aspera-shares-backup/20120228142934


VI. Run the upgrade command

# rpm --nodeps -Uvh aspera-shares-


VII. Update the Database Schema

# cd /opt/aspera/shares/www/ 
# bundle exec rake db:migrate


(5)  Restore SSL Certificate files

You can skip this step if you use a self-signed certificate.  This step is only necessary if you have a purchased SSL certificate. Copy your back up SSL files to /opt/aspera/shares/conf

# cp  /backup/cert.key /opt/aspera/shares/conf/
# cp  /backup/cert.pem /opt/aspera/shares/conf/


(6) Restart Nginx

This is only required if you just restored your SSL Certificate files  in step 5 above..

# /etc/init.d/aspera_shares_nginx restart 
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