Persistent storage options for Aspera On Demand in AWS


 This article provides an index of all KB articles which describe the various persistent storage options for the Aspera On Demand products.  The default Aspera On Demand systems are configured to use ephemeral storage that comes with the virtual machine.  Please be aware that data on the ephemeral disk is not persistent.  With ephemeral storage, if you shut down the server, you will loose your data.

If you would like your data to persist, in AWS you have two options:  Use the object storage, S3, or an EBS volume.  Below we have documented the procedure for each option.

NOTE: If you are new to AWS and Aspera, please review this article on support for multiple regions.  


Server On Demand and Application platform On Demand

1) How to setup an EBS volume for your Aspera on Demand

2) How to use AWS IAM roles to configure your S3 storage

Shares On Demand

1) How to setup S3 storage using the Aspera Console

2) How to setup S3 storage using command line interface

3) How to add additional S3 buckets to your Shares Server

4) How to use AWS IAM roles to setup your S3 storage

Faspex On Demand

1) How to setup S3 as a Remote data source

2) How to setup S3 for Faspex package storage 

Advanced options

1) How to setup AWS IAM assumed roles

2) Advanced S3 storage configuration options

3) AWS S3 Content-Type preservation

4) Uploading small files to S3

5) Preserving File timestamps in S3

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