How to purge transfer data in v.3.2.2 Aspera Platform On Demand (APOD) and Shares On Demand (SHOD)


To avoid running out of disk space on your server, we highly recommend you to periodically prune your transfer data in the Aspera Console database.  This article shows customers how to purge Console data in v.3.2.2 Aspera Platform On Demand (APOD) and Shares On Demand (SHOD).



This article assumes the following:

  • You have purchased and booted up v.3.2.2 APOD or SHOD
  • You have administrative log in to the server and Aspera Console Web UI.
  • You can SSH as root to your Aspera On Demand Instance.  If you don't know how, please see this article.



 You can backup or archive/purge the Console database from the Database Maintenance page. To access the Database Maintenance page, log in to Console Web UI as admin, go to Configuration -> Database.


To archive and purge data, click the Purge... button and complete the form fields. Form fields exist as follows:

  • Select Run now to backup the database immediately, or Run later to specify a time in the future or to configure a repeating purge operation.
  • For Select time frame, choose Data older than... to delete data that is older than specified time frame.
  • For Data to purge, check the type of transfer data that you wish to purge.
  • If you would like to save the data being purged (i.e., archiving), enable the corresponding checkbox.
  • If the Save data being purged checkbox is enabled, enter the desired absolute path into the Save to field (e.g. /tmp/data or D:\data\). The purged data will then be stored in the file purged_data.sql within the [absolute path]/console_purge_YYYY-MM-DD_hhmmss/.

When finished, click the Purge Data button.



 To schedule a purge, select Run later,  complete the form fields and click Schedule Purge.



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