Storage options on AWS Aspera On Demand


This article explores the storage options on AWS Aspera On Demand (AoD), which offers Faspex On Demand, Shares On Demand, Server On Demand and Platform On Demand.  It also provides instructions on how to set up package directory accordingly. There are three different types of storage that you can use to store your data on AoD: S3 storage, Elastic Block Store (EBS) and the Instance store (ephemeral disk) .  Please note that Aspera automatically mounts the instance store to all AoD instances and make it the default location for storage. 


Storage Options

1) S3 Storage

Many customers choose to use S3 storage when they have large amount of data to store either permanently or temporarily.  To connect S3 storage to Faspex On Demand, please see this article.  For Shares On Demand, see this article.  For Server on Demand and Platform On Demand, you can use this article for reference.


2) EBS

To add a EBS volume to your instance, please see this article.


3) Instance store

The size of the instance store available on the instance depends on the type of instance you select.   For Aspera On Demand, we recommend m3.large or bigger.  Please note that the instance store, as the name suggests, is ephemeral.  If you stop the instance, you will permanently lose all files that are stored on it.

Instance Type
Instance Store Valumes (GB)
1 x 32 (SSD)
2 x 40 (SSD)
2 x 80 (SSD)
1 x 160
2 x 16 (SSD)
2 x 40 (SSD)
2 x 80 (SSD)
2 x 160 (SSD)
2 x 320 (SSD)





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