Shares On Demand: How to update the Shares term license key


This article describes how to view and update the license key of the Shares application in your Shares On Demand server.  Please note that Shares On Demand also comes with the Aspera Console.  A separate KB article was written to guide you through checking and updating the license key for Aspera Console.  It can be found here.  This information is also relevant to customers who are using the Application platform with the Shares application.



The easiest way to determine if your Shares licenses is about to expire is as follows:

  1. Login to Shares application as an Administrator

  2. Navigate to the Admin link in the top right hand corner

  3. Select the license option on the left nav bar

  4. Review the expiration date - confirm that it has expired.
  5. Download new license key from HERE.
  6. Use the Shares license web UI to upload.  At the top of the page click on Change license and follow the instructions.

Please contact Aspera support immediately to schedule upgrading your Shares On Demand to a newer version that does not require term license keys, or migrate to the latest Shares On Demand image. (As of Jan 2015 the current shipping Shares On Demand images are listed here).  

NOTE: The Instructions for upgrading Shares On Demand from 3.4.0 to 3.4.6 will be published shortly.

This screenshot show the Shares license interface.



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