Server or Application Platform On Demand: How to upgrade the term license


This article describes how to update the term license keys on your Server or Application Platform on Demand.  This procedure is only required for organizations who have not yet upgraded to the current shipping version.  The current shipping On Demand release no longer requires term license keys.  This upgrade only applies to the web applications that come with On Demand.  All transfer servers already use the entitlement system.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are still running a version of On Demand prior to 3.4.0 release, please contact Aspera support to schedule an upgrade to the current version.   Instructions for upgrading from 3.4 to 3.4.6 are located here.

If you are using a version of the Application Platform that includes the Shares interface, please see this article for information on the Shares license.



Console Version

The best way to determine if the Server license is to identify which version of the Console Manager that is running on your Server or Application Platform On Demand.  You can see the version of the Console application on the login page, in the bottom left corner.    If you are running Console version 1.7.3 then there is a high probability that you are on the 3.4 build of Aspera on Demand.  The 1.7.3 Console did not support license management via the web interface, so the only way to view or change the license file is via the command line.  (see instructions below).

NOTE: If you are running a newer version of Console (after 2.x), you can view the entitlement via the web interface.  Login as Admin and navigate to Configuration -> License page.   See screenshot below.


Aspera Console 1.7.3 Version info



Aspera Console 2.x License info




View and change console license file (console version 1.7.3 only)

  1. Login to your Aspera on Demand via SSH.  Details provided in this KB article:   
  2. Sudo to the root user account
  3. sudo su - 
  4. Navigate to the directory where the console license is located
  5. cd /opt/aspera/console/config/
  6. View the contents of the console license.
  7. cat aspera.Console.license
  8. To change the license, first download the temp replacement console license from HERE.
  9. Use your favorite text editor and copy / paste over the existing license key.
  10. Restart the Aspera Console application
  11. asctl console:restart

After the restart (it can take a few minutes) you should be able to login and use your system again.  
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not delay to update your system to the current Aspera on demand version.  Contact Support for details. 


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