Disable Creation of 0 Byte Folder Objects When Uploading to Object Storage


This article describes how to prevent Aspera from creating Zero Byte folder objects.   When uploading files within a folder to Object storage, Aspera Server will create an additional 0 (Zero) Byte folder object to represent the folder. These 0 byte objects are created so that our client applications (Desktop /Shares) have a way to represent folders, in the user interface.

If you programmatically upload many (e.g. Millions) of objects and folder into S3, you might consider disabling this feature, as it will reduce the number of objects that are created.



If you disable this option, you will no longer be able to use the Aspera Client, or Shares interface to traverse folders in your object storage.



After installing Aspera On Demand:

  • edit the file /opt/aspera/etc/trapd/s3.properties, uncomment the line below and set the property to false:
aspera.session.browse.mkdir.allowed = false
  • Restart asperatrapd:
# /etc/init.d/asperatrapd restart
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