SAML Configuration for Azure AD

Configure Azure AD for SAML Authentication

  1. Browse to Active Directory, select the directory in which you want to create the SAML federation.
  2. Select the Applications tab
  3. Click ADD+ at the bottom.
  4.  Select "Add an application from the gallery"
  5. Select CUSTOM -> Add an unlisted application my organization is using and provide a name
  6. Click the new application
  7. Click Configure single sign-on
  8. Select Windows Azure Single-Sign-On, Click next
  9. Enter the entity ID URI in the Issuer URL field (ends in /auth/saml/metadata)
  10. Enter the callback URL into the Reply URL field (ends in /auth/saml/callback)
  11. Click next
  12. Use the Single Sign-On Service URL in the IdP Single Sign-On URL field in the SAML configuration of your Aspera product.
  13. Download the certificate and enter its contents into the IdP Certificate field in the same page in your Aspera product.
  14. Azure_AD_-_Faspex_Config.png
  15. Click next and finish
  16. Click the Attributes tab of the Application
  17. Delete the existing claims and add the required assertion message elements as per the product's documentation.
  18. Select the Users page of the Application.  Select individual users that should have access and click Assign.
  19. Test authentication. Configure timesync if not enabled. Use the SAML Tracer Firefox addon for troubleshooting.


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