Upgrade Console to v.3.0.1 in SHOD v.3.5.4 or APOD-ws v.3.5.4 on AWS


This article provides instructions on how to upgrade Aspera Console to v.3.0.1 in Shares On Demand (SHOD) v.3.5.4 or Aspera Platform On Demand with Shares Web UI (APOD-ws) v.3.5.4 from v.2.5.1.  Please note that after you upgrade Console to v.3.0.1, you cannot add a new managed node that is older than v.3.5.5.  Therefore, we highly recommend you to upgrade any nodes that are waiting to be added in Console 3.0.1 to v.3.5.5+.



  1. SSH to your server, and 'sudo' to the root user.  See this article for more details.  
  2. Back up your existing Console.  (Use the console Web UI for console - backup of Shares is covered below)
  3. Make sure there are no active transfers on your server
  4. Download the installer of Console v.3.0.1, Common v.1.2.13 and Enterprise Server v.3.5.5
# wget http://download.asperasoft.com/sw/ondemand/3.5.4/aws/aspera-common-
# wget http://download.asperasoft.com/sw/ondemand/3.5.4/aws/aspera-console-
# wget http://download.asperasoft.com/sw/ondemand/3.5.4/aws/aspera-entsrv-



Backup the Shares Application. Make a note of the ID of the created backup directory.

# /opt/aspera/shares/u/setup/bin/backup /your_backup_dir

Backup the Console Database

# asctl console:backup_database

Stop all Console processes

# asctl all:stop

Stop the shares nginx web server

# service aspera-shares stop

Install Console and Common

# rpm -Uvh aspera-entsrv-
# rpm -Uvh aspera-common-
# rpm -Uvh aspera-console-

Run the Console Upgrade procedure and make Apache listen to 81 and 442 during the Console upgrade process. Console upgrade automatically starts Apache.  Since SHOD and APOD-ws use nginx, not Apache, we need to stop Apache when console:upgrade is complete.

# asctl console:upgrade
# asctl apache:stop
# chkconfig aspera_httpd off

Start Shares

# service aspera-shares start


NOTE: If you are running Console v.2.5.1 or older and on 3.4.6 AOD or older,  please see this article.


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