Faspex On Demand - Forgot Admin Password


You may need to change an admin's account details if you have forgotten the password. Normally admin accounts can change any user's account details in Faspex On Demand's web interface. Therefore if you have forgotten your admin password and there is another admin account with access to Faspex, you can change your password using that other account. However if you do not have access to another admin account you will need to change the password from the command line on the instance that is running your Faspex.


  1. SSH to your server, and 'sudo' to the root user. See this article for more details.
  2. Use the following to change the Faspex admin account details, replacing username, email and password with your desired values:
asctl faspex:admin_user username email password


For example, if your admin username is admin1 and its email is admin1@example.com, then you would use the following to update the password to secret:

asctl faspex:admin_user admin1 admin1@example.com secret


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