How to upgrade Enterprise Server to version 3.6.0 in your AWS Aspera On Demand


This article is for customers who have Aspera On Demand (APOD, SOD, FOD and SHOD) running Enterprise Server v3.5.4 and would like to upgrade to Enterprise Server v3.6.0.

NOTE: If you don't know your Enterprise Server version, you can SSH into your AMI host from a Terminal or a Command Prompt and run ascp -A to find out the version information.

        # ssh -i [customer's pem] -p 33001 [ec2-user]@[ec2 host IP]
# ascp -A


Upgrade Procedure

(1) Connect to your AMI host from a Terminal/Command Prompt via SSH as root


        # ssh -i [customer's pem] -p 33001 [ec2-user]@[ec2 host IP]
# sudo su -

   NOTE: make sure the permission of the key is set to 400.


(2) Download the ES 3.6.0 package from our website

You can use the 'wget' utilty to download the server RPM, as follows:

# wget 

(3) Install Enterprise Server v.3.6.0 and re-run entitlement

     # rpm -Uvh aspera-entsrv-
# /opt/aspera/bin/asnodeadmin --db-update
# /opt/aspera/bin/alee-admin register CustomerID EntitlementID


 (4) Verify your Enterprise Server has been successfully upgraded to v.3.6.0

  # ascp -A
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