Problem creating OS user - error when trying to create node system users in Console with Shares On Demand (SHOD)


You receive the error “Problem creating OS user” when you attempt to create a user on a node in Console with Shares On Demand. Users are added in the Console interface by editing a node (on its Node Maintenance page), under the Accounts tab.




This is due to a change that was introduced from upgrading SHOD 3.4.6 to 3.5.4. The Aspera On Demand system added some additional tools and changed their names and paths to support other cloud platforms. The existing Console packages have no way of knowing about the new conventions in the new tools package. 



The following steps will fix the issue:

  1. Modify an entry in the MySQL database.
    First log into your system as root. Then connect to the MySQL database:

    # /opt/aspera/common/mysql/bin/mysql -u root -p
  2. Once you are logged into MySQL, use these commands to view the setting, change the setting and then confirm the change was completed:

    mysql> use aspera_console;
    mysql> select setting, value from console_configs where setting="os_cmd_path"; mysql> update console_configs set value="/opt/aspera/ondemand/sbin" where setting="os_cmd_path";
    mysql> select setting, value from console_configs where setting="os_cmd_path";
  3. Modify the Console application so it is aware of the new tool names:
    # vi /opt/aspera/console/lib/ami/os_user.rb 

    Change the following:
          def os_users_cmd

    to this:
          def os_users_cmd
  4. Modify the paths in the sudoers file:
    visudo -f /etc/sudoers

    Change the beginning of this line:
    aspera_console  ALL = NOPASSWD: /opt/aspera/ec2/sbin/asp-ec2-os-users,/opt/aspera/ondemand/sbin/asp-ec2-os-config, ...

    to this:
    aspera_console  ALL = NOPASSWD: /opt/aspera/ondemand/sbin/asp-ondemand-os-users,/opt/aspera/ondemand/sbin/asp-ondemand-os-config, ...
  5. Restart Console application:
    asctl console:restart

At this point the Console feature for adding new transfer users should work as expected.

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