AWS Enhanced Networking


AWS offers Enhanced Networking for your instances on HVM images. Enhanced Networking provides several advantages which in turn benefit your Aspera On Demand products, such as higher packet per second performance and lower network latency.


Which instance types support Enhanced Networking?

Currently Enhanced Networking is supported on the instance types below. Note that AWS continuously updates this list and more may be added in the future. Consult this AWS page to verify.


  • m4.large
  • m4.xlarge
  • m4.2xlarge
  • m4.4xlarge
  • m4.10xlarge


Note - If you use the M4 instance type, please be aware of the following:
  • This instance type does not have access to ephemeral disks, therefore, the SWAP file will be placed on your root partition. Hence, it is necessary to make sure your root partition is large enough for a 16 GB SWAP file. We recommend starting with a 40 GB root partition as a minimum when choosing the M4 instance type.

See this AWS documentation page for more information on instances and their instance stores.


  • c4.large
  • c4.xlarge
  • c4.2xlarge
  • c4.4xlarge
  • c4.8xlarge


  • c3.large
  • c3.xlarge
  • c3.2xlarge
  • c3.4xlarge
  • c3.8xlarge


  • r3.large
  • r3.xlarge
  • r3.2xlarge
  • r3.4xlarge
  • r3.8xlarge


  • i2.xlarge
  • i2.2xlarge
  • i2.4xlarge
  • i2.8xlarge


  • d2.xlarge
  • d2.2xlarge
  • d2.4xlarge
  • d2.8xlarge


How do I enable Enhanced Networking?

Launch your HVM AMI in a VPC and install the appropriate driver. For more information, see the AWS Enhanced Networking instructions.

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