Shares on Demand 3.4.6: How to migrate from one AMI to another

Migration to new AMI

This procedure describes how to move your recently upgraded Shares on Demand to a new AMI.  This is needed only if you desire to move form one AMI to another image.  This procedure describes how to move from an EXITING Shares 3.4.6 to a NEW Shares 3.4.6.


  1. Login to EXISTING Shares via CLI and run the backup utility
    # /opt/aspera/shares/u/setup/bin/backup /your_backup_dir
    Make a local copy of this backup directory onto your local machine. Also copy the SSL certs. (see note)
  2. Backup the EXISTING Shares on Demand root .ssh folder.
  3. Backup the existing node users:      backup the mapping between  transfer users and API  users
  4. # /opt/aspera/bin/asnodeadmin --backup=/backup/api-xfer-mapping
  5. Login to EXISTING Shares Console UI and use the Save option to make a backup.  Console -> Configuration -> Save/Restore
  6. Provision the new 3.4.6 Aspera Shares on Demand AMI.  See the release notes for AMI IDs.  NOTE: If you are using an elastic IP, assign it to the new Shares On Demand, when you provision the new Shares On Demand.
  7. Copy the backup file created in step 1, to the NEW Shares on Demand AMI
  8. Restore the configuration into the NEW Shares on Demand via CLI
    # /opt/aspera/shares/u/setup/bin/restore /your_backup_dir/backup_id
  9. Login to NEW Shares On Demand Console web UI and make a backup via the Console Save/restore UI (Console -> Configuration -> Save/Restore). NOTE: there are some AMI specific settings that need to be preserved, before you can migrate the Console information from the EXISTING Shares On Demand.
  10. Restore the following files from your Console backup.  NOTE: You will have to unzip the tar ball to get these files
  11. database.yml, secret.yml, console.yml


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