Softlayer: Opening up the Softlayer network for Aspera high speed file transfers


The Softlayer network by default, provides network intrusion detection services which can block high speed Aspera transfers.  This article provides instructions on how to request Softlayer to those transfers.



Login to your Softlayer portal account and open up a support ticket and request the following:

  1. Request the Softlayer support team for a change of inbound DoS Mitigation and outbound Storm mitigation thresholds.
  2. Specify if it should be account-wide, or for a specific public IP or subnet
  3. Explain why you are making this request.  (e.g. to enable Aspera FASP transfers on UDP 33001 and TCP 33001/22)
  4. Provide an estimate of expected bandwidth or pps throughput to / from each public iP
  5. Provide the IP address of the Softlayer system where you are seeing the traffic shaping
  6. Provide a bi-directional (non-grapical) traceroutes between the SL server and the remove server, taken during the time that you are seeing issues.
  7. Non-graphical pings (100 count if possible) taken from both sides.



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