Installing Connect 3.6 (using Chrome on Mac)

This is a video of the installation steps for Aspera Connect 3.6. Any browser can be used to install Connect and this video is an example using Chrome on Mac. This installation was done via the Faspex web application but the installation steps are the same whether you are using Faspex, Shares, Connect Server or a custom web application.

Upgrading to Connect 3.6 is recommended for all Connect users regardless of the web application or version you work with. This version of Connect is compatible with *all* Aspera servers and web applications. In order to use the new features supporting Chrome 42+ without NPAPI the server will need to be upgraded but this Connect plug-in will work with both patched and un-patched versions.

Note: The installation will install for all browsers on your system and you can install from the browser of your choice.

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