Orchestrator 2.0 released

We are pleased to announce you the release of Orchestrator 2.0.

Core functionality:

- Support for A/A without shared disk (for Cluster in Amazon cloud)

- Improved workflow migration capabilities (migrate with dependencies)

- Automation of restoration from a Snapshot and ability to schedule snapshots

- Improved management of portlet and support for rich custom portlet

- Support for prioritized queues

- Support for load balancing between managed resources.

- Finer permission management

- Improvement of processing model on windows to optimize performance

- Windows installer

- Improved usability of workflow and folder management

- Engine optimization for timeout and heart-beat management

- More inline validation options such as ADI, DPP, Antivirus integrated in Aspera transfer.


Plugins (total is now 95):

- Telestream episode


- Pulsar file QC

- McAfee Virus scanning

- File Info

- Generic REST web service adapter

- Improved support for SOAP

- SOAP listener trigger

- Amazon SQS queue

- Amazon S3 direct upload

- MediaSilo

- ADI Parser and Validator

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