Plugin: Array Fanout

A new version of the Array Fanout plugin is available.


# => 0.1.0 First versioned code
# => 0.1.1 Adds display name
# => 0.2.0 Adds comments
# => 0.2.1 Ensures status is set to error in case of error
# => 0.2.2 Avoids cloning of fanned-out steps in recurring workorders
# => 0.2.3 fixes UI field names to be human readable
# => 0.2.4 Supports or branching to funnel in
# => 0.2.5 Avoid timeouts in case of a lot of entries
# => 0.2.6 Standardizes comment field in UI
# => 0.2.7 Added help file



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    Christophe Thiebot

    New version of the plugin:

      # => 0.3.0 Adds option to serialize fanned out step

    This allows to execute actions in sequence (select "Execute serial" option) rather than in parallel, which is the default behavior.

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    Christophe Thiebot

    New version of the fanout plugin:

      # => 0.3.1 Exits as failed if the input array is empty

      # => 0.3.2 Cleans-up extra branch upon execution (to be reset friendly)

    This fixes an issue with reset of a workorder including a fanout loop. The number of executed actions was not correct.

    Also new version of the funnel-in plugin:

      # => 0.2.0 Adds hash of statuses as output

    The status of each action in the loop is now visible in the funnel-in  output.

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